Art Fest Rules

We require that the following rules be observed. Please read and retain for your records.

  1. Original, handmade works only. (Homemade works are defined as those works that have been influenced by the seller’s hands.) All submissions will be scrutinized by the artist submission committee as to its acceptability.
  2. Retail, arts supplies, and commercially produced merchandise are not eligible for exhibit or sale.
  3. Photographs, etchings, lithographs, silk screens, paintings, pottery, accessories, and jewellery are all welcome but must be original in design and concept.
  4. The artist must list all mediums to be sold in his/her rented space on the registration from. This is to insure that artists selling the same type of medium are not assigned space next to each other.
  5. Rented or professionally erected tents are permitted providing they fit within the 10″ x 10″ space. Each vendor is responsible for providing their own booth display unit which includes lighting if specified. Please advise if you need to encroach beyond the 10’ x 10′ space.
  6. The Art Fest committee reserves the right to require the removal of unsuitable work prior to or during the Festival.
  7. The collection and payment of sales taxes are the responsibility of the vendors. We urge all participants to obtain a resale tax number. For more information please contact the PA Department of Revenue (Sales Tax Office) in New Castle at 724.656.3203.
  8. This contract cannot be reassigned or sublet. By signing and remitting this registration contract the vendor agrees to abide by all of the above rules and regulations of the Art Fest. Any violation of these rules and regulations may result in the vendor’s removal from the Art Fest.